Rental Policy

Rental policy

The studio is open from Sunday to Thursday between 10:00 and 17:00 and with prior coordination.

The warehouse is closed on Fridays. In case of an emergency, advance coordination can also be reached on Fridays.

All our products cost have a price and rental price. The cost price is the price that production needs to insure.

The rental price is 20% of its nominal value for the first week of rental, 15% per week

Extra, and for the second week  10% for each additional week.

At each rental from the studio, we provide a delivery note detailing the cost of each item, it’s rental period, and the means of payment.

Payment will be made in the collection of goods from the warehouse, or no later than the date of return, a work order signed by the producer and the company seal is required a deposit security                         before receiving the goods.

Special prices for students. Up to 15% discount when renting over 1,000 NIS.

Cash payment (or cash check), credit, up to 1,500 NIS.

Over 1,500 NIS You can also pay with a delayed check for 30 days.

 For your attention

In the case of cancellation of a transaction, 24 hours prior to the date of collection, production will be charged  50% of the rental cost.

Transport and packaging: In the Links tab, you can find a variety of professional carriers. From the production field. The customer is able to collect and return the accessories himself, Studio 2 is ready for transportation at an additional cost.

All accessories are packed with plastic, blankets, bubble plastic and cardboard boxes. Please keep the packaging as much as possible, for re-packaging. Blankets that will not be returned will be charged an additional fee. An additional fee will be charged to Propes who have been damaged or lost. We make great efforts to keep the accessories in perfect condition, yet the accessories are rented as they are.

Please note: Some of the photographs shown on the site may be subject to copyright.

Accessories and costumes rented from Studio 2, under the responsibility of the user / production office.