About us

Studio 2 a warehouse for cinema and television productions, advertisements, theaters, student films, weddings, parties and more.

Since November 2015, the warehouse has moved from the bustling of Tel Aviv to the industrial zone at Kesem Junction, a 25-minute drive from central Tel Aviv.

The studio has been operating in the industry for 20 years, and specializes mainly in period accessories

Pre-state early years, and:

  • Army and police equipment from the pre-IDF period to current and up-to-date equipment
  • Textile department, which meets all the requirements in the design of the house
  • Office equipment from all periods
  • Many different home and street design accessories.
  • Furniture from all periods
  • Graphic design and production department
  • Special accessories, and special effects for productions

Studio 2 is prepared to meet any design need and specification according to the requirements of each designer. Under certain conditions, Studio 2 will purchase items that are not in stock, in favor of rental for production. It is also possible to credit items purchased for production in return for up to 50% of their value, in a credit to the next project of the same production office.

In the pictures below, a collection of sets from different productions. Most of the photographed art – in the stock of Studio 2

Design by Yoav Dahari

The money taxi:

A hundred years back:


A biblical film:

The treasure is across the river: