Decorative plates

Plate set

Porcelain plates

Champagne glasses

Decorated dining set

Crystal saucer

Green glass for water

Water glasses

Champagne glasses

Tray for bed on legs

Metal tray

Bronze tray

Silver tray

Round silver tray

Wooden Tray

Set kettle with cups

Glass serving dishes


Silver samovar

Coffee grinder

Coffee grinder

Eggs plastic carrier

Decorated tea cups

Porcelain kettle

Periodic meat grinder

Cheese grinder

Decorated fruit plate

Green glass cups

Tea kettle

Set of coffee cups

Kettle with cover

An Arab brass Fingian

Arab Finjan

wooden bowl

Desktop weight

Bronze finjan

Metal jug


Arab spices grinder

Decorated brass jug

Bronze kettle

Brass kettle


Cup holders

Elegant bronze cup

Iron glasses holder

Copper kettle

Siver Tray

Wooden Tray